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Indian women are abandoned because of mental illness

In India countless women are abandoned by their families because of mental illness. Forced to live on the streets, they’re subjected rape and abuse, as well as being vulnerable to malnutrition, disease and a lonely death.

If a man suffers from mental health problems, then he's cared for by his mother, wife or sister. A mentally ill woman however is regarded as a burden if she can no longer perform her household duties.

Women in Need rescues and rehabilitates women abandoned on the streets because of a variety of health issues, including mental illness.

With sustained medication and care, many do recover. We help them regain their confidence to step out into the world with a renewed sense of dignity and hope.

(Images: top & Bottom) - Reshmi was subjected to repeated & sustained beatings by her husband. When she developed mental health problems, he forced her out of the home. She remained on the streets for 6 yrs where she suffered further abuse & trauma. In Women in Needs care Reshmi made a full recovery. We also traced her daughter & now she enjoys the security & happiness of family life.

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