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Mental Illness

Women with mental health disorders in India are invisible. Many end up on the streets, vulnerable to malnutrition, disease and rape. Others are institutionalised against their will, forced to live in insanitary conditions and exposed to sexual abuse.

The Causes

  Sex Discrimination   


Indian women are more vulnerable to developing post-natal depression after delivering a female child.

  A Lack of Support  


Women are often removed from the home because their mental health problems are regarded as a social embarrassment and financial burden.



An Indian women is expected to be a perfect wife, mother and daughter-in-law; which creates enormous pressure. Women are also not encouraged to talk about their problems.

  Ignorance and Superstition  


These contribute towards the many misconceptions of mental health in India.

  Multiple Triggers   


Such as grief, substance abuse, a traumatic event, chemical and hormonal changes..

Our Solutions to Help Women with Mental Illness

Working Within Urban Slums


Joining forces with Nagpur’s mental hospital to work within the city’s urban slums.

  Sensitising Local Authority Health Services  


The charity’s social workers attend local authority Primary Health Centres (PMC’s) offering an opportunity for women to discuss any problems they may have.

Follow Up Care


To avoid relapse the charity maintains regular contact with patients through home visits or phone calls



To create awareness that mental illness is preventable and treatable. 

Providing Shelter


To shelter, treat and rehabilitate those who are homeless because of mental illness.



Counselling is available at all times.

Pet Therapy


For those who are traumatised, rescued pets at the shelter provide an alternative means to love and be loved, aiding in their recovery.



Repatriation is one of the most difficult aspects of rehabilitation, but one which the charity has a high record of success in. Women from all over India have been reunited with their families.



Exercise, yoga and meditation complement treatment.

Help Us to Combat Mental Illness

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