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According to data from the National Crimes Records Bureau, 848 Indian women are harassed, raped and killed every day. Of course, those are just the reported numbers— the actual cases of violence against women were much higher. 

Crimes Against Women

The Causes

  Cultural Conditioning  


Violence against females begins in the womb; hundreds of millions of female foetuses are aborted each year. 

  Inadequate Implementation of Laws  


While India has robust gender laws; they are hardly enforced, partly because a feudal mind set is as prevalent among bureaucrats, magistrates and the police as it is elsewhere.  Politicians are also unwilling to crack down on customary biases against women for fear of losing votes.

  Social Acceptability of Violence Against Women  


Both men and women believe that domestic violence is an acceptable part of marriage.

Our Solutions to Eradicate Crimes Towards Women

  Law Enforcement


Reform will take much more than legislation, it will take consistent enforcement of laws, protection of victims of all crimes regardless of sex or caste, and priority being placed on justice.

Sensitising Local Police Authorities


The charity encourages local police to take reports of violence more seriously. 

  Positive Attitudes Towards Women  


Changing attitudes at the grass root level – NGO’s can play a significant role in promoting positive attitudes towards women. This can be done through:


  • One to one counselling

  • Group discussions

  • School and college educational programs

  • Organised community debates 

  • Street plays / drama and art can influence positive attitudes, especially in illiterate communities

  • Utilising local and social media to highlight the problems and solutions

  Encouragement Support  


Encouraging women to support one another – often women are afraid to report a crime of domestic violence because of the fear of not being supported. Women within the matrimonial home should support one another, but sadly it is often mother’s in law who turn a blind eye to their son’s violent actions. 

Help Us to Stop Crimes Against Women

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