Current projects

We shelter up to 50 individuals at a time, providing treatment for any mental or physical illnesses.  We’ve sheltered lost women from all over India, helping them back to a life of independence and dignity, and reuniting them with their children and families.
Our medical officer holds consultations at the charity's centre; providing women from the nearby slums an opportunity to discuss any health concerns they may have. Our leprosy patients can get their dressings done. All prescriptions are free.
We take medical care to the doorsteps, ensuring that illnesses are treated promptly. We also educate women, who are the primary carers in the home, to recognises illnesses such as malaria, TB and cancer.
We provide free psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation with the support of our senior psychiatrist. We also collaborate with Nagpur’s local authority mental hospital, which sends a team of specialists to our headquarters to administer free mental health care in the neighbouring slum communities.
India's high cancer mortality is due to poor awareness and consequently a low screening rate. The charity organises monthly oral, breast and cervical screening camps for 100 women at a time.
We help women to die with dignity; offering spiritual, emotional and physical support. We also ensure that in accordance with their religious beliefs, they are given the funeral rites of their choice.
If not treated early, Leprosy can cause permanent deformity and disability. We provide education to the community we serve, using visual material to help those who are uneducated, to recognise the early symptoms of leprosy.
Eye camps offering free eye checks and treatment are conducted in collaboration with Mahatma Eye Hospital. We pay for eye surgery and spectacles.
We provide food and nutritional supplements; antiretroviral drugs and symptomatic treatment. We host regular HIV support group meetings and will pay for rent and all essentials if an individual is too ill to work.
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How Else Do We Help Our Women In Need?

  Free Training  


Providing free training in tailoring and embroidery, and helping women set up their own businesses, or finding employment. 



Helping to creating joy, laughter and friendship through social trips and events.

  Food & Supplies   


Delivering food and general supplies to poor and sick.

None of this would be possible without the support of our donors