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What Does WIN Hope to Achieve in the Next 10 Years?

  Prevention of Deaths  


To have prevented thousands of women from dying of cancer. This is especially important as Nagpur alone has some of the country’s highest breast and cervical cancer rates. WIN also aspires to prevent cancer deaths throughout Vidarbha. Recent talks with MLA’s in districts near Nagpur have been encouraging. They are keen to host / organise any charity screening initiatives. They can mobilise people on mass and we can address the problems.

  Changes Towards Drugs  


To have influenced changes in India’s Drugs & Narcotics Act which currently makes access to morphine and other opiates very difficult. 

  Satellite Projects  


To have established satellite projects throughout and beyond India

  Diagnostic Facilities for HIV Patients  


To be providing all women with HIV, access to the right diagnostic facilities and treatment. Currently those who require 2nd line ART’s have to travel to Mumbai (800+ KM from Nagpur) for a viral load test before being able to access the drugs. This equipment in Mumbai is often out of order and we have witnessed women die because their 1st line ART’s are resistant to the virus and they run out of time before being proven eligible to have the 2nd line drugs.

  Recognition of Mental Health Disorders  


To have influenced and sensitised local authority health centres in recognising and treating the early signs of mental health disorders such as post-natal depression; thus preventing women from developing more serious condition such as schizophrenia.

  Home Based Care  


To be providing home based palliative care to women suffering from terminal illnesses such as cancer & AIDS.

  A Centre of Excellence  


To have established a centre of excellence for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of women with mental health disorders.

  Improved Accomodation  


To have different grades of accommodation for homeless mentally ill women. E.g. patients with psychosis / patients who are recovering / patients who have recovered and are able to be repatriated with their families / accommodation for women who are unable to return home but who can work in the community through the day and return to a safe home in the evenings.

Please Help Us to Achieve Our Goals

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