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India has a 71 % mortality rate.


Nagpur has the 3rd highest prevalence of breast cancer and the 2nd highest of cervical cancer in the country.


The Causes

  Reluctance to Undergo Screening  


Most women find breast and cervical screening a little uncomfortable. Indian women are much more reserved than women in Western countries, and therefore avoid being examined.

  High Cost of Treatment   


Some breast cancer patients, for example, need targeted treatment drugs, such as Herceptin or Herclon, made by global major Roche, which cost around £750 for a course; a patient could need up to 17 courses.


Similarly, a drug called Avastin - used to treat colon, kidney, lung and gall bladder cancer - can add around £8,000 to a patient's bill at around £1,000 a cycle. Though companies have patient support programmes, most middle-class patients’ end up paying 70 to 80 per cent of the drug costs.


With such high costs, cancer treatment is often out of the reach of millions. 

  A Lack of Awareness  


Despite the country’s high prevalence of cancer, the general public are very poor in recognising the signs of most forms of the disease. Women are especially prone to neglecting health problems because their own needs are considered the least important.

Our Solutions to Help Beat Cancer

  Educational Programs   


Educational programs organised by the charity create awareness that cancer is preventable and curable 

  Screening Camps  


Twice weekly screening camps offer women the opportunity for early detection in a sensitive and professional environment.



The charity co-funds treatment with the government's Department of Preventative Oncology. We also provide a social worker to accompany patients to hospital when needed.



Counselling is provided at all times

Living Expenses


Food and living expenses are given to those unable to work.

Help Us to Beat Cancer

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