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For Indian women, low economic and social status, abuse and violence, as well as limited legal and social protection increase their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.


The Causes

  Lack of Sexual Rights  


For millions of Indian women, sexual intercourse is not a question of choice but rather one of survival and duty. 

  Lack of Respect and Self-Worth  


Women with HIV are subjected to various forms of violence and discrimination based on gender. They could be refused shelter, denied a share of household property, refused access to treatment and care, or blamed for a husband's HIV diagnosis.

  Lack of Support  


An HIV + woman is expected to nurse her husband, go out to work, take care of her children and in-laws at the expense of her own health. 

  Sex Discrimination  


Women are the least powerful because Indian society praises patriarchy. 

Our Solutions to Help Stop the Spread of HIV & AIDS

Human Rights


To promote and protect women’s human rights through educational programs which encourage male participation.

HIV Awareness


To create awareness of HIV and the prevention of its transmission through:


  • Post exposure prophylaxis treatment 

  • The use of the female and male condom 

  • Prevention of MTCT – Mother to child transmission through a course of ART’s

Nutritional Support


Nutritional support is given as:


  • Protein and vitamin powder supplements

  • Fresh eggs, milk and meat

  • Peanuts, sesame seeds and dates.

  • Counselling – for individuals and groups. The charity hosts regular meetings for HIV+ women where matters of concern are discussed and solutions offered.

Symptomatic Treatments


Women in Need provides symptomatic treatment to control opportunist infections

Social Events


Social events and day trips for HIV+ women and their children prevent isolation and loneliness.



Meditation classes combat anxiety and stress – The charity teaches meditation and relaxation techniques helping patients to overcome the harmful effects of stress on the immune system.

Other Problems We Address

Help Us to Fight HIV / AIDS

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