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Taking healthcare to where it's needed most

The eastern side of Nagpur comprises of vast slum areas devoid of basic health care facilities. For women living in these communities there is little opportunity to see a doctor since most work long hours as labourer in between attending to the needs of the family. Unfortunately when illness prevents a woman from functioning then the risk of being abandoned on the streets is very high.

As Nagpur expands, new slums are created to accommodate the many migrant labourers seeking work. As a result of this expansion WIN has increased it's outreach to provide free health care to these new communities.

Nagpur is a city where the middle and upper classes of society have access to the very best medical care. The numerous private clinics offer a vast choice of specialists and facilities. The underprivileged however have no means of getting very basic care due to constraints of time and money. WIN specialises in addressing the stark discrepancy between the few who have the financial means and the majority who don't. In doing so we are saving thousands of women's lives.

To mark International Women's Day this year our team introduced fee medical checks and treatment to a new area supported by volunteer specialists and our founder Usha Patil. 250 women attended. Those requiring ongoing treatment or tests will be supported by our social workers.


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