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Addressing fear and superstition in the battle to protect vulnerable women against COVID

To ensure that women from the poorest communities of Nagpur city receive a COVID vaccine WIN has been busy organising online registrations and providing door to door transportation to and from vaccine centres. At the start of our vaccine drive however, there wasn't the predicted rush to get immunized. Aside from an initial shortage of vaccines, one of the biggest challenges has been persuading the women to have the jab!

Fear generated through negative media reports and accounts of the few who have reacted badly to the COVID vaccines has deterred many from coming forward.

Putting ourselves in their shoes such reluctance is understandable as the majority of women selected for vaccines are single mothers with little or no family support. Many shared their concerns.

“My health is currently OK, if I have the vaccine and it makes me ill, or worse still, I die…then who will take care of my children?”

This is where the skills and experience of WIN’s trained staff plays a pivotal role in women’s health care. Gentle persuasion and presenting facts in a digestible way has really made a significant difference to the uptake of those willing the get vaccinated.

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