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Please give help & hope to Madhuri & her children

At just 30, Madhuri Gujar’s life has been a miserable one. Suffering from TB she lives with her mentally ill mother, partially sighted, diabetic father and three young boys aged two, six and eight. Between them all they have absolutely nothing. Whilst 2 months pregnant Madhuri’s husband left her. And if life wasn’t bad enough, she and her parents now live in constant fear of being attacked by money lenders following her brother’s unpaid debts, which forced the family to abandon their home and move to rented accommodation. The brother hasn’t been seen since.

When WIN encountered the family we discovered that Madhuri and her parents were going without food for days at a time in order to provide enough for the children. In 21st century India this is criminal.

Today the charity is helping to relieve the emotional and physical burden of sickness and poverty, and restoring hope to this unexceptional family; unexceptional in the sense, that their plight is not unique as there are countless others in India struggling against similar insurmountable odds.

Please help us to continue helping them. Once cured of TB Madhuri will be able to find work again and support her family. Until then WIN is paying for everything: rent, food, medical expense, electricity bills, transport to and from hospitals. Regarding medical expenses alone we are covering: diagnostic investigations / tests, symptomatic treatment for TB, psychiatric treatment Madhuri’s mother and her father’s ophthalmic and diabetic medicines.

Would you be willing to cover some of the costs? Every donation, no matter how small, can make a huge difference.

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