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Change Their World: Fund a Woman’s Small Business

In August the charity ran a campaign to collect funds for 6 women’s businesses’ Now we want to thank you for making it possible.

Here are the first 3 businesses:

Sarala now has her sewing machine and is able to join forces with other women in setting up a tailoring business.

Uttara has her sewing machine too. Now she doesn’t have to compromise her health by cleaning for 10-12 families a day. Instead she can earn from home whilst keeping an eye on her HIV+ son.

Vijaya is also tired of working 365 days a year cleaning and washing in other people’s homes. Being HIV+ she requires 1 day a month to go to the hospital for her check-up. She has lost work as a consequence of taking time off. Now she has her own small undergarment business and has the freedom to control her own time.

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