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Day Trip Out for 75 Women and Children Living with HIV

Most of the HIV+ women the charity supports are single mothers responsible for their HIV+ children. Life for many of these women can be a struggle, especially those who are labour workers, dependant on continued good health in order to remain employed.

Unable to live with their families, they move to rented rooms, often in poor states of repair. Property owners in Nagpur can be reluctant to let their properties to single women because in the city an unprotected woman and child living on their own may be vulnerable to being preyed upon, which could risk police involvement.

So if poor health prevents these women from working, then they can’t maintain the very basic necessities. Struggling to survive is a day to day concern which can be exacerbated by being the sole carer for their children.

Women in Need frequently arranges day trips out of the city helping women to escape the stresses of their lives and giving their HIV+ children an occasion to look forward to. In November 2015 we took 76 women and children on a bus ride to a beautiful temple and picnic spot 40 miles from the city. Cooks and their enormous cooking pots were taken along, and a veritable feast prepared out in the open.

After food everyone enjoyed a paddle or a swim in the river. We were accompanied by UK guests: John and Carol Oulton who are supporters of the charity and members of the Rotary and Inner Wheel clubs of Crook.

John and Carol made an impromptu renewal of their wedding vows in the setting of the temple, which was a beautiful occasion shared by all. Everyone loves a wedding!!

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