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Rotary Funds Equip Entrepreneurial Centre

THE COMBINED efforts of The Rotary Clubs of Nagpur West, Blackburn and The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, have provided WIN with a selection of vital goods, supporting a training and entrepreneurial centre for women. The centre will train women from deprived parts of the city in a variety of designs, tailoring and block printing skills, and also has a small crèche for those with children. Once trained, Women In Need will support candidates in securing employment. Many will be given the means of establishing their own home-based tailoring business, whilst others will be paid to work for bigger outlets. The entrepreneurial centre is also a place where women can access medical and socio-economic support through the charity’s other life-improving activities. Rotary has enabled WIN to provide: 20 sewing machines, tables, chairs, storage cupboards, block printing equipment, tailoring scissors, tape measures, a large selection of material and threads, a multi-utility vehicle and desktop computer and printer. Thank you to everyone involved in this Matching Grant project, who gave their time and money to this invaluable new addition to Women In Need’s activities.

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