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New Auto Rickshaw and Business Enterprises

Updated: Jul 2

ONCE again, the Military and Hospitaller Order of the Knights of St Lazarus of Jerusalem, Malta, have championed Women In Need with the kind donation of an auto rickshaw, as well as financing 10 new businesses.

WIN’s shelter for homeless women in Wardha is eight kilometres away from nearby hospitals and four kilometres from the local town centre. Public transport is unreliable and especially in the event of an emergency.

The auto rickshaw has a 4-stroke engine and provides efficient and convenient travel, thus eliminating all previous difficulties.

10 women were the lucky recipients of businesses funded by the Knights of Lazarus. These range from general stalls and chilli stalls, to a variety of sewing machines, all enabling women to earn from home whilst looking after their children.

The majority of these women are single mothers, so balancing work and home has been a constant battle.

One candidate suffering from cervical cancer, has found a sense of purpose through her jewellery business. Her elder daughter is able to continue the work in her mother’s absence on days when she is unwell.

We are extremely grateful to the Knights of St Lazarus for their continued support.

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