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It All Began at Easter

​A KEEN reporter from the Daily Mail heard about two young women, one Indian who had suffered from leprosy, one English who had caught leprosy. Usha and Leah became friends, rolled up their sleeves and began helping women, cast out because of this disease.

20 years on, their work has extended to embrace women with a variety of problems, from HIV and cancer, to mental health and rape and abuse. The first article published in the Daily Mail at Easter, produced a wonderful response from the general public, which enabled Leah and Usha to do so much more than they had dreamed of.

Many readers who donated then, still give their support and it seemed fitting that we say thank you to everyone who has helped over the years.

Happy Easter from everyone at Women In Need! Here’s a funny story we’d like to share from one of our many donors...

This is a funny story about a fruit cake, or rather two fruit cakes. The first was left in a tin on Maureen’s doorstep with a card attached from her friend Pam.

Tom, Maureen’s husband, found the tin, opened it, and ignoring the card, helped himself to a generous slice of delicious cake.

Maureen returned home to discover what Tom had done, and reading the card, realised the cake was meant for a coffee morning in aid of WIN.

So Maureen gave a generous donation for the cake and Pam duly baked another, which was raffled off.

Both cakes raised £47 for Women In Need!

Futher stories from our donors can be read on our JustGiving page

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