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Companionate of Merit Award

LEAH and Usha received awards from the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus Of Jerusalem in June, for recognition of their work with women suffering from leprosy. The founders of Women In Need were invited guests at the Annual Investiture in Malta to receive the 'The Companionate of Merit, in the grade of Commander'. Sadly, Usha was unable to attend due to visa difficulties. However, Leah represented the charity; her travel and accommodation in Malta was completely funded by the Order of Saint Lazarus. This ancient and noble Order has not only bestowed Women In Need with this great honour of recognition but has donated substantial funds, enabling the charity to support many more forgotten women. We wish to thank the Order for its wonderful hospitality and support.

To read more about the Investiture in Malta, click here. (Pictured: Usha wearing her award)

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