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WIN Fashion Show

A SMALL fashion and culture show was organised for women recovering from mental health problems.

The fashion show was created to improve damaged confidence and self-esteem.

Most of the women who took part, were found in extreme states of neglect on the streets of Nagpur and Wardha, where they were subjected to sexual abuse and other acts of violence.

With the support of staff and guests, the women were given a full makeover. They were taught how to walk with confidence and how to introduce themselves to an audience.

The ladies were accompanied to the front of the stage, watched by an audience of Dattapur staff and residents, those who were affected by leprosy and know all too well, the experience of rejection and loss of self-worth.

In addition to the parade, some women performed classical and popular dance; a significant achievement for those who were initially unable to toilet or dress themselves when brought under the care of Women In Need.

For an extended gallery of the fashion show, please visit our Facebook page.

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