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Women In Need 2010 Visitors

WOMEN In Need received a number of visitors in 2010, who travelled to Nagpur to see our work first-hand:

1. Medical students Fiona and Tazmin, saw for themselves, the many problems encountered by Indian women.

2. Sheila Bailey and Anne Geldard met some of the women of Pillinaddi slum in Nagpur.

3. Priya Kumar is Women In Need's youngest visitor, who presented a bicycle to one of our ladies. She also helped establish a rapport with a mentally ill woman on the streets.

4. Volunteers from the Tsubo Saka Foundation in Japan, visited WIN's shelter at Dattapur, Wardha.

5. Tony Smith opened refurbished wards at Dattapur.

6. Sandra Wismayher from Malta specialises in psychiatric care in the community and offered Women In Need her expertise.

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