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Dattapur Ladies Join WIN Day Trip

THIS year Women In Need decided to take Dattapur's elderly women out of the confines of the wards and treat them to a day out.

Dattapur's patients have spent the majority of their lives in the colony. They have little or no contact with family and are resigned to spending their remaining days in the one place that was willing to keep them when they contracted leprosy.

Women In Need adopted three female wards last year, providing bedding, medical equipment and essential medicines, as well as a television and radio for entertainment.

The trip took the ladies to Boredaran, a very secluded, peaceful place. Food was cooked in the open and the women were able to enjoy the freedom and beauty of their surroundings.

Many remarked that it had been the first opportunity in a long time since they had left the colony. It was a great day, enjoyed by all.

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