Improving the lives of 

underprivileged women 

and children in India

Problems we address

India has a 71 % mortality rate. Nagpur has the 3rd highest prevalence of breast cancer and the 2nd highest of cervical cancer in the country.
For Indian women, low economic and social status, abuse and violence, as well as limited legal and social protection increase their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.
Mental illness
Women with mental health disorders in India are invisible - vulnerable to malnutrition, disease and rape. Others are institutionalised against their will, living in insanitary conditions and exposed to sexual abuse.
60% of global new cases detected every year continue to be in India despite a declaration in 2005 that leprosy was eradicated (1 cases per 10,000 population).
Crimes against women
848 Indian women are harassed, raped and killed every day. Of course, those are just the reported numbers.
Cultural conditioning
In Indian society, the needs of men are put first, at the expense of the wellbeing of women. Our work combats the intense gender inequality that is rife, even today.
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