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WIN gives a helping hand to starving street dogs during the COVID-19 crisis

There are millions of street dogs in India who are starving during lockdown. Life for a street dog was hard enough before COVID-19, but since people are now obligated to stay indoors, sources of food are even more scarce than usual. Leah and Usha have decided to put their own money towards feeding some of Nagpur's dog population.

Usually, it's the poor who feed the city’s feral dogs. In return for a welcome chapatti, the dog’s presence at night acts as a deterrent to criminals and those who would harm them. But now, with the poor unable to afford food for themselves, the dogs are going hungry.

Believe it or not, there is a tenuous connection between feral dogs and Women in Need. Our history of helping abandoned, homeless women, brought the charity into contact with dogs, befriended by the women for security and companionship. Where crowds of passing humans would reject the idea of talking to a dirty, neglected, mentally-ill woman, the street dogs welcomed the compassion and kindness the women offered. We realised that the women brought to our shelter needed their dog companions to support them throughout their healing process. As the charity journeys into the city with food for the poor, we offer a little something to any dogs who look malnourished.

All dog food is funded separately by Leah and Usha.

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