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International Women’s Day – Inspirational talks for Women Living with HIV

WIN and EFFICOR joined forces on International Women’s Day to host a program for women living with HIV. The theme of the event was to provide hope and inspiration, which was delivered by a variety of guest speakers, including Sophie and Michelle Robson from the UK. Entertainment was provided by women living with HIV, and the event was concluded with lunch.

Inspirational talk by our guests.

Meeting women at the shelter

WIN’s Medical Officer Dr Borkar hosted a free medical check-up for women and children living below the poverty line. This was an extension to WIN’s weekly mobile health checks in the city’s urban slum communities. Health checks enable the charity to detect women’s suffering from potentially serious conditions such as TB, HIV, Malaria and Cancer. Caught early, these diseases are treatable and curable, thus saving lives.

Meeting locals outside the shelter

Women from our shelter

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