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Giving Women a Chance to Shine

Rani’s story

In 2009 the local police at Wardha brought to our shelter a distressed and agitated woman in need of love and attention. 24 yr old Rani had been living on the streets for 3 years after being abandoned by her husband. She was also denied support by her father and step mother. This lonely and dangerous existence resulted in Rani developing mental health problems.

Initially she found it difficult to adjust to the normal routines of daily life at our shelter. Rani had become accustomed to wandering the streets looking for food and a safe place to sleep. However, within 8 months of treatment and care she began to flourish.

As Rani’s health improved we discovered her to be a truly wonderful human being. Of her own volition she would help the charity’s staff to care for other women at our shelter; especially the most traumatised. One very difficult case was Saroj who was unable to care for herself. Rani befriended Saroj and not only would she toilet and bathe her but it was because of Rani’s love and friendship that Saroj began to talk for the first time in two years of being in our care. It was a miracle!

Rani extended her love to the elderly and infirm women cared for by the charity; some of whom spent their last days at our shelter. Abandoned by their families these women died surrounded by love and especially that given by Rani who would help nurse them.

Rani is passionate about animals too. The charity rescues and adopts sick and disabled streets dogs and they’re kept at our premises. She takes a special interest in their care and has even been known to sleep next to any newly rescued ones who have difficulty settling in.

Today Rani is an employed and popular member of staff. She would also like to give marriage a second chance. We’re currently looking for a lucky man with whom she can share her life; and look forward to updating you on any wedding news!

Rani helped to heal Saroj after suffering from Trauma.

Rani always brings a smile to the faces of those she meets.

Rani and one of our rescued dogs.

Rani helped to nurse leprosy patient Chindabi back to health, she also cared for her dog too.

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