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US Goals for Girls (G4G) visits WIN’s Shelter for Abandoned Women for 2nd Year

For the second year G4G visited our shelter for abandoned women sharing New Year celebrations and food with the residents.

Goals for Girls uses soccer to teach young women life skills on how to be agents of change, in their own lives and in their communities.

Visits to our shelter give these young women the opportunity to learn about some of the problems faced by Indian women; especially those who are victims of violence, trauma and mental illness.

(Below – a special welcome for our guests)

(Below – one of our rehabilitated residents Mina shares her story with our visitors)

(Below G4G’s entertain residents of Dattapur and WIN’s shelter)

(Below – Catering was organised by WIN and paid for by G4G)

(Below – seeing in the new year with Chinese lanterns)

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