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In Recognition of Anish Chandak’s Support of WIN

The University of ​​Minnesota gives Anish the Presidential Award for Outstanding Scholar Activism, and includes him in their “Driven to Discover” campaign.

WIN is extremely proud to have young Finance and Economics undergraduate, Anish Chandak championing our cause.

In early 2014, Chandak founded Jazba (a Hindi-Urdu word meaning “passion”), a non-profit organization that spreads South Asian women’s empowerment through dance. In its first year, Jazba hosted a Bollywood-Fusion dance competition at the U of M with nearly 1,000 attendees and 150 participants from across the country. Proceeds went to support Women in Need.

The University wrote a short article on Jazba and WIN, which can be found here. This article is currently on the front page of the University of Minnesota website.

Anish Chandak is a perfect example of what an individual can do in support of a cause and we hope this dynamic and inspirational young man will encourage others to join us in supporting abused and neglected Indian women.

For further information on Jazba, please see: or you can email Anish at:

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