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Improving the lives of 

underprivileged women 

and children in India

Problems we address

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How your donations make a difference

£7 per month

Provides treatment for a woman with mental health problems.

£10 per month

Pays for a doctor to travel into the slums in our mobile unit, giving primary health care to up to 50 women each visit.

£15 per month

Provides a destitute woman with shelter, food and clothing.

£20 per month

Pays for the delivery of cooked meals to an elderly leprosy patient unable to cook for herself because of deformity. 

£30 per month

Gives a HIV+ woman life-preserving antiretrovirals and symptomatic treatment.

Become a stakeholder for £10 a month 

  • Sponsor a social worker who provides counselling, home visits and accompanies patients to hospital. You can follow their activities and get a personal insight into their work. Monthly salary for an MSW is £150 per month. 

  • Paying for our weekly medical expenses of £75.00

Sponsor a day trip and picnic for 65 lonely and isolated women 

The charity takes small groups of women away from the city and all the problems it represents. Groups include HIV+ women and their children, women with mental health problems, or elderly leprosy patients. Total trip cost £150:

£60:00 – bus hire and petrol for 160 km round trip

£30:00 – Cooks hired to cook food in location 

£30:00 – food ingredients: oil, veg, chapatti flour rice, etc.

£30:00 hire of large cooking vessels and fired wood

Help us give others a second chance

About us

Our story

"Whilst I often feel like a square peg in a round hole, operating in an environment that challenges me in so many ways, I am privileged to share the tears and laughter of these remarkable women."


Leah Pattinson

Founder - Women In Need

"Many Indian women suffer from a multitude of problems, which has led us to establish Women In Need and my continued battle to provide help and seek justice for society’s most vulnerable."


Usha Chandrabhan Patil

Founder - Women In Need

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