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3 Women in One Family, Struggling Against the Odds

Life has been bleak for 18 year old Priya who lives with her 75 year old grandmother and mother. The 3 women live in poverty and contend with health problems. Priya has bone cancer (Osteosarcoma), with secondary cancer in the liver and lungs.

For 13 years her mother suffered from an undiagnosed mental illness following the death of her husband. This has prevented her from functioning, and makes her aggressive and prone to wandering. Priya can’t remember a time when her mother wasn’t like this.

Until recently, their only income came from grandma selling chillies on the roadside. This barely covered the cost of living; so cancer and psychiatric treatment wasn’t a consideration. Of course there is the often overlooked expense of travelling to and from hospital. The doctors advised Priya to have her leg amputated, but she was unable to afford the surgery and post-operative care.

It is cases like this that really highlight just how desperate and hopeless circumstances can become for women living below the poverty line. The charity is their only means of support.

WIN has started treatment for Priya’s mother whose has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. It may take time for the medication to work, but we’re hopeful that within 6-8 months there will be tangible improvements.

Priya is now on chemotherapy. Whilst it’s too early to determine her prognosis, the charity will provide whatever necessary to give this young woman a fighting chance to survive.

The cost of financial support for Priya:

  • Diagnostic MRI - £120

  • Chemotherapy – 6-8 cycles (supplementary cost) £361-£481

  • Cost of amputation plus post-operative medication - £250

  • Cost of travel to and from the hospital £25 per month for a predicted 4-6 months = £150

  • Cost of nutritional support - £35 per month for 1 year = £420 – Total cost £1421

  • Cost of medication for Priya’s mother is £85 per year.

If anyone would like to sponsor any of the above expenses to support this family, we would be happy to keep you up to date on their progress.

Thank you.

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