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Dance, Passion, Change

Jazba Founder Anish Chandak & his sister Simran
Jazba Executive Director Ishita Kamboj (left)

Jazba Entertainment is a US registered non-profit organisation that focuses on spreading South Asian cultural awareness through dance and the arts. In addition to this cultural element, Jazba proudly carries a non-profit initiative to its mission.

Over the last 5 years, Jazba has supported Women in Need, raising thousands of dollars through its annual dance competition held in Minneapolis. This year's competition is scheduled for Feb 23rd. Please visit:

This month we were thrilled to welcome Jazba’s founder: Anish Chandak, and Executive Director: Ishita Kamboj to Nagpur. For Ishita, her brother and father it was their first visit. For Anish (accompanied by his sister) it was his fourth.

We are SO grateful to everyone involved in Jazba for your commitment, energy and support.

Thank you X

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