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Tribute to Susan Jane Weston - Britain’s foremost female fingerprint expert & greatly valued tru

Susan Weston and her late husband Dr Norman Weston were champions of Women in Need, and the charity was incredibly proud to be associated with such a dynamic couple. Norman was an eminent forensic scientist and Sue was head of Britain’s National Fingerprint School.

As a fingerprint analyst, Sue was seldom phased by a challenge – her excellent speaking skills, attention to detail, unimpeachable personal integrity and composure in upsetting situations made her a perfect fit as a trustee of a charity that often dealt with harrowing cases of neglect and abuse. In addition to which, Sue was warm, generous and humorous.

When Sue travelled to India to see the work first hand, unsurprisingly she took everything in her stride. Despite a language barrier we marvelled at the ease in which she managed to attract curiosity and admiration from the charity’s beneficiaries, and could often be seen sitting on the ground surrounded by groups of women laughing and chattering. Sue was equally in her element when conversing with medical consultants and senior Indian police officers – she fitted in anywhere, making those in her company always feel at ease. Usha’s family in particular developed a special bond with Sue. Both she and Norman would send Christmas cards to the Patils’ who would in turn send Christmas cards back. When Norman died, Usha’s mother took particular interest in Sue’s welfare, sending messages of support through Usha on her visits to the UK. Sue referred to Usha’s mother as her “Big Sister” and when the two women finally met it was as if they had known each other for years.

It is still hard to believe that Sue has passed. An incredible, inspiring woman who leaves behind a big hole that will be impossible to fill.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family at this difficult time.

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