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Free Cancer Screening Camp

In a city with some of the country’s highest cancer rates, especially breast and cervical cancer, it’s crucial that women are screened. But it’s not always easy getting women to come forward for screening because they often don’t have the time to spare.

For Labour and domestic workers this is especially true as their day to day concerns are being able to find work in order to provide for their family’s daily needs. With children to support, sometimes elderly in laws, and often alcoholic husbands, labour class women don’t have an opportunity to visit a government hospital and wait in a queue with hundreds of others for a PAP smear or breast examination.

In recognition of the problem the charity organises screening camps in local community halls on a Sunday, which makes it possible for women to access this vital health service.

We are extremely fortunate to be supported by a dedicated team of voluntary doctors headed by Dr K Kamle, Professor of Oncology and Radiotherapy at Government Medical College Hospital (GMC) and also doctors and nurses from Dalvi Trust Hospital. These volunteers give up virtually an entire Sunday to help WIN screen up to 100 women each time.

The tests are processed at GMC and suspected cases jointly supported by GMC and WIN. Cancer treatment isn’t free and therefore the charity co finances chemo and radio therapy for women unable to afford treatment themselves.

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