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730km Cycle Marathon for WIN

ON 8 AUGUST, Adrian Epps set off from London’s Trafalgar Square on the first leg of a three-day 730 km marathon cycle ride to Frankfurt, in aid of Women In Need. Adrian works for ROARR Rallies, which has supported WIN for many years, and he was motivated to do more to help our work. He explained: “During my recent trip to India with ROARR, upon attending a Buddhist festival with the Dalai Lama, I was struck by just how awfully debilitating leprosy can be, both physically and socially, and needlessly so, since medication now exists to manage the disease. It just simply isn't accessible to the impoverished.” Adrian’s cycling marathon ran as follows: Day 1: London to Dover - 135 km Day 2: Calais to Brussels - 215 km Day 3: Brussels to Frankfurt - 380 km The cycle challenge was also an opportunity for Adrian to push himself further than ever before, to break through his physical limits. It was the toughest ride of his life! We would like to thank Adrian and those who sponsored his tremendous journey from London to Frankfurt, in support of India’s forgotten women. (Leah Pattison & Usha Patil) Watch a video of Adrian’s marathon journey (password: ROARR) and please continue to sponsor his efforts.

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