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The Cost of Kidney Failure

28 year old graduate Rani has experienced a lot of suffering in her life.

Her arranged marriage was a violent one. Unable to have children and following 3 miscarriages Rani’s husband left her. Shortly after this she was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Returning to her parents Rani faced persecution from her elder brother who felt that being divorced brought shame on the family. Though both brother are engineers and earning a reasonable combined income, with the addition of their father’s pension, the family considered Rani’s health problems to be a financial burden.

Tensions led to her elder brother dragging Rani out of the home, onto the streets and telling her to leave.

When WIN met Rani she was living with her married sister and struggling to finance her treatment. Though she’d suffered from kidney failure for over 3 years she’d failed to register with the government hospital and get her name on a donor list.

That was the first thing the charity did, immediately getting her name on the donor list as well as approaching known living donors who were willing to donate one of their own kidneys. Sadly, none of the donors were a match with Rani’s blood group.

WIN pays for Rani’s dialysis and symptomatic treatment, which costs £30 a week This vital support is keeping her alive but her quality of life is poor as she struggles with constant pain and exhaustion.

Rani’s dream is to become a business woman. With previous experience and good qualifications, we believe she can do. We hope though that in that face of her declining health she gets a new kidney in time.

If anyone would like to contribute a small amount towards Rani's treatment, you can donate through the charity’s website or contact us directly at:

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