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Remembering those who died from AIDS

World AIDS Day 2020

The 1st Worlds AIDS Day was also the first public health day observed in 1988 to commemorate those who had died from AIDS and to unite the world in its fight against what was a new and frightening pandemic.

Over 3 decades later and significant developments have been made in the management of HIV, especially in the Western world. In India there is still room for improvement.

Underprivileged HIV+ women and children live in conditions rife with opportunist infections such as TB, malaria, and typhoid. Many of those supported by WIN don’t have access to safe drinking water or a nutritious diet. Most are single mothers earning daily wages through labour intensive, stressful work. Such conditions are not conducive for good health and especially for those living with HIV.

The good news is that through your support, WIN can make significant improvements to the lives of HIV+ women and children. We offer help with nutrition, medication, preventative health awareness, support from medical specialists, counselling and much, much more. Our help is 365 days a year!

On the 1st of December WIN held a small candlelight vigil attended by HIV+ youngsters who lost parents to AIDS related illnesses. Such an occasion though solemn encourages unity though adversity. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the pain of bereavement in an environment where there is an abundance of empathy and support.

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