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Early detection and awareness are more vital than ever in the fight against breast cancer

Breast cancer in India is rising at a rapid rate and affecting younger women; those in their 30s and 40s.

India’s breast cancer survival rate is also one of the lowest in the word due to late detection. Late detection is especially common among women from economically poor backgrounds, where a lack of awareness and the constraints of time and money are the main contributing factors.

WIN’s iBreast Exam screening program enables breast screening to be done in the privacy of the home at the women’s convenience. In addition to screening, we educate women to be able to recognise potential signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

For those diagnosed with breast cancer WIN provides free hospital transport, symptomatic treatment, additional cancer treatment (for those who require extra cycles of chemotherapy), home care and counselling.

The majority of women diagnosed with cancer who approach WIN for help have been abandoned by their husbands. Our services are vital to their recovery and survival.

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