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WIN launches new breast screening project in remote villages

Thanks to funding from the Grand Commandery of the Castello in Malta, WIN has a new hand held breast screening device called the iBreastExam (IBE). This device is designed to address the rising incidence of breast cancer in developing countries, where women have limited or no access to breast cancer screening services. The test is painless and radiation free, and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. The device can be used by any doctor or health worker and the results are available at the point-of-care. iBreastExam assesses differences in tissue elasticity between malignant and non-cancerous breast tissue, and its tactile sensor measures shear stiffness and tissue compression when applied to the skin.

WIN is using the iBreastExam in villages of Wardha district where only 6% of women know about breast cancer and so few have access to screening. If abnormalities are detected then we will ensure the women will be given access to further diagnostic tests and where necessary, support with treatment.

A small function launching the project was held in the village of Taigon attended by the head of the village, Mrs Ganveer and Dr Manisha Rewatkar.

We look forward to updating you on our progress with this exciting new, lifesaving project.

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