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Leah & Usha running for running costs

For those who don't already know, we initially set up Women in Need (WIN) in 2000 to help marginalised women with leprosy forced to live on the fringes of society in appalling conditions. Today we have an amazing team of dedicated professionals supporting & rescuing thousands of underprivileged Indian women suffering from additional problems such as: cancer, HIV, mental illness & victims of violence, abuse & neglect.

WIN gives lifesaving treatment to those unable to afford it themselves & rescues & rehabilitates women left on the streets to die. We address ignorance & superstition though health awareness campaigns & prevent untimely deaths through screening programs. We provide occupational training, business loans to struggling single mothers, legal advice, counselling.....and lots, LOTS more.

The charity receives funds for capital equipment & setting up costs; but WIN desperately needs RUNNING COSTS!!! without which we simply cannot continue operating.

PLEASE HELP US TO CONTINUE GIVING DIGNITY & HOPE to thousands more women who are abused, abandoned & ignored.


To see our fundraising page on justgiving visit:

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