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Visitors to Nagpur

LEAH and Usha recently received a number of visitors, who came to Nagpur to see Women In Need's work first-hand.

On 10 February, retired nurses Judith and Christine visited WIN's drop-in centre and shelter for the destitute, whilst on a trip from the UK to retrace their father's footsteps, who worked in India as an RAF dentist (click here to view their diary).

Dr Anke Jacobi and friend Clare Horsefall spent a week with patients and staff from 14 February (pictures 1-3).

Both shared their professional knowledge with Leah and Usha and have since continued their involvement with the charity.

It was a pleasure for Women In Need to receive a visit from one of its long-standing supporters, Dr Sheila Bailey, who came to Nagpur on 25 February (pictures 4-6).

Dr Bailey has championed WIN and START for a number of years and was welcomed along with her colleague Anne. Both shared valuable medical knowledge, particularly in the treatment of ulcers.

All staff and beneficiaries of WIN are grateful for the contributions made by all its guests.

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