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WIN & JAZBA creating hope from despair

In an environment where there's apathy and a lack of support for the underprivileged, we're able to bring light into the lives of those usually resigned to suffering. This makes our work incredibly rewarding, but we can only achieve this with the support we receive from ALL OUR INCREDIBLE DONORS.

The two young women featured in this article have been helped by our US partners JAZBA. Both had untreated TB, were abandoned by their husbands and struggling to meet the cost of medicines, hospital fees, food and electricity.

We've encountered women in similar circumstances, but at a point further down the line, where poor health and neglect has resulted in death; and not in a hospital with the support of medics - we find such women left to die unsupported, behind closed doors or on the streets.

Thankfully for these two women: Madhrui (featured in our December 18 news item) and Diksha, as their health improves the hope of a better future is tangible.

Madhuri before

Madhuri today

17 yr old Diksha before

Diksha today

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