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Underprivileged women receive the health care they deserve

Malaria, TB, dengue, jaundice, HIV, cancer, typhoid, respiratory diseases, depression, hypertension….. are just a few of the commonly encountered health problems in Nagpur city slums. Since women’s health needs are often ignored, it is up to NGO’s to ensure that vulnerable women have access to a doctor and free treatment.

Volunteers from Dalvi Memorial Hospital regularly join forces with WIN in taking health care to the heart of the city’s slums. They provide the medical specialists, whilst WIN provides the venue, transport, medicines as well as gathering the women most in need.

Guided by senior community nurse and WIN’s Indian trustee, Pramilla Bangar, volunteers from Dalvi hospital conducted a general medical check-up for 120 women in Seraspeth.

Out of the 120 women, 90 presented symptoms that required not only symptomatic treatment, but further diagnostic investigation. WIN takes responsibility for ensuring that travel, diagnostic tests and treatment are provided to those unable to afford it themselves.

A BIG THANK YOU to Pramilla Bangar and Dalvi Memorial Hospital medical team.

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