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WHO estimates that there are 550 million people in India with vision problems

WIN's medical officer Dr Yashvashi Kobragade

Vision loss is a major public health issue in India, with Cataract and Child Blindness being the two most pressing problems, the former due to large numbers of afflicted, and the latter because it both claims lives and thwarts the human development potential and productivity of those that survive.

The gap between need and availability in India is still wide, therefore WIN offers free ophthalmic consultations and treatment for 2500 women and children each year living in underprivileged communities; often conducting our programs within local community halls. With 63% of blindness in India caused by cataracts, it’s essential that women unable to afford treatment are given access to sight saving support. In addition to paying for cataract surgeries the charity offers preventative intervention through refractive correction, medicine and improved child nutrition (Vitamin A), which can reduce visual impairment if discovered and treated early.

Ophthalmologist Dr Lahane

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